“youre always on your computer” well ur always on my nerves

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Finally went to my true home: The Renaissance Faire #rennfair #tuxedopark #wenches4days

Pineapples are blue now.

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Finally breaking out my fall mug again #favorite #coffee #fall

Kayaking with @kennethjmyers (at Blydenburgh Park Historic District)

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My #mint had a visitor today! #mantis #nofilter





Today is the day Marty McFly goes to the future!

Where is my hoverboard

I just have to reblog this because this is LITERALLY a once in a lifetime thing and I need it on my blog. 

Shoutouts to tumblr user martymcflyinthefuture for having a photoshopped pic for every day McFly goes into the future for almost a year now

One year of nothing but photoshopped pics of the same thing with different dates for ~10 months, and people STILL think they’re legit lmao

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The library is always a pleasure. #audiobooks #longwoodpubliclibrary



I never feel like more of a failure than when I can’t remember a piece of Harry Potter trivia. 



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